What We Believe

Build a Better Texas is a joint effort by honest construction businesses, taxpayers, construction workers and their families, faith leaders, and safety advocates to ensure a strong and sustainable construction industry.

We work to build a strong economic foundation in Texas where all Texans have the opportunity to progress, live better, and contribute to our society and ensure continued economic prosperity in the construction industry that is so vital to Texas, and the country.

We believe in fairness, honesty, and building a sustainable construction industry that is good for business and good for Texas.

What we do
We bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to build a strong and sustainable industry by rewarding good business practices and leveling the playing field so honest businesses can compete.

The Texas construction industry is one of the top ten employers in the state, with nearly 600,0001 Texans employed in the industry and contributing over $15 billion to the Texas economy in direct costs for commercial construction alone2. Because of these important economic contributions, it is essential that we ensure that honest businesses can successfully compete in the industry. We do this by:

  • Researching key challenges facing construction industry leaders.
  • Developing solutions to industry needs such as safety
  • Bringing stakeholders together to develop innovative ideas to improve industry practices that reward good business practices, invest in workforce development, and level the playing field in the industry.