Build a Better Texas Campaign

Statement of Principles

Whereas, the Texas construction industry is plagued by widespread legal abuses and dangerous working conditions;
Whereas, more workers die in Texas than in any other state in the nation, and one in every five construction workers suffers a workplace injury that requires medical attention, yet only 45% have workers compensation coverage;
Whereas, these deadly conditions are present in part because 64% of workers lack basic health and safety training, forty-one percent received no rest breaks, and twenty-seven percent were not provided water by their employer;
Whereas, Texas taxpayers are forced to pick up the costs when unscrupulous employers refuse to pay their employees, putting reputable employers at a disadvantage, and forcing working families to increasingly rely on public safety nets;
Whereas, construction workers make up a disproportionate amount of uncompensated health care costs due to work-related injuries, which in turn forces Texas hospitals to pick up the bill when construction workers are injured on the job and their employers fail to provide workers compensation;
Whereas, the state of Texas loses millions of tax dollars each year when construction employers misclassify their workers and avoid paying unemployment insurance taxes (38% of construction workers are misclassified);
Whereas, we believe that promoting a healthy, sustainable economy and society in Texas requires making sure that all construction workers in Texas deserve and are entitled to dignity and respect, safety and security, and honest rewards for their efforts;

Therefore, we pledge to support the Build a Better Texas campaign to support state and local efforts to:

  • Ensure that all Texas construction workers can work in safe, secure and sanitary conditions and are not required to put themselves at risk on the job;
  • Recognize construction industry leaders who invest in their workforce with safety training, opportunities for career advancement, and fair pay;
  • Ensure that employers and workers are protected through workers’ compensation coverage and that all workers have access to health care and needed services;
  • Hold accountable employers who break the law and undercut responsible construction companies by evading taxes and cutting costs at the expense of their workers.

We are proud to partner with Workers Defense Project to Build a Better Texas!

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