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Workers Comp hearings in the House

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HB 3310 and HB 3311 (both by Rep. Walle) were given hearings in the House Business and Industry Committee on 4/16. HB 3310 requires employers who choose not to provide workers’ compensation to provide life insurance benefits for their employees. WDP member Christian Hurtado provided moving testimony about his father’s death in the construction industry while working for a subcontractor who didn’t provide workers’ compensation. Christian’s family never received any compensation when his father died on the job. His testimony led to a serious discussion of this issue by committee members. The AFLCIO and WDP also provided testimony on this bill. HB3311 requires that employer who opt out of workers’ comp provide certain data to the Texas Workforce Commission about the health outcomes, medical costs, and benefits received by employees under their “non-subscriber” plans. This data would be critically important to policy makers to understand how Texas’ workers’ comp system is serving workers (remember- Texas is the only state that allows employers not to provide workers’ compensation). Both HB 3310 and 3311 were opposed by the following groups: Texas Alliance of Nonsubscribers, NFIB, Texas Association of Responsible Non-subscribers, Texas Conservative Coalition, Texas Association of Business, HEB Grocery, Texas Civil Justice League, Texas Association of Builders, Texas Risk Retention Association, Texas Retailers Association, Tyson Foods.