Why Build A Better Texas

The Solution

Build a Better Texas recommends a series of best practices that can be implemented by legislators to better protect taxpayers, honest businesses, and support construction workers to care for their families. We seek to improve industry practices by leveling the playing field to ensure continued economic prosperity in an industry so important to Texas.

Honest businesses and a well-trained workforce are the foundation of a strong and sustainable industry that will build our state for years to come. We need to reward good construction businesses for investing in the future of Texas.

Urge your legislators to take action to pass policies that will

  • Guarantee safe working conditions and rewarding responsible businesses that invest in safety
  • Ensure that employers and workers are protected through workers’ compensation coverage
  • Hold accountable employers who break the law and undercut good construction companies by evading paying taxes

Best Practices From Industry Leaders

There are many companies who invest in their workforce as a road to profitability. These companies uphold a high standard of excellence for the whole industry and should be recognized for their important leadership.

Industry leaders know that having a strong skilled workforce is key to any successful business, they do this by:

  • Providing workers’ compensation coverage for all employees
  • Investing in safety trainings and safety equipment for workers
  • Holding subcontractors to the same high standard their company demands
  • Properly classify workers as employees and pay all required state and federal taxes
  • Ensuring that all workers are paid their promised wage on time

These companies and associations are leaders in the construction industry:
Marek Brothers Construction
KST Electric
Facility Construction Services
Construction Citizen

Your business can be part of the solution too! Contact us at info@buildtexas.org to find out how.