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Please watch these two important 5-minute videos about Workplace & Environmental Health and Safety!

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“No quiero que haya otra historia como la mía.” (I don’t want there to be another story like mine,”) explains Adriana Martinez, whose 29 year old husband was killed in 2009 at a construction project in Houston, Texas.  Martinez shares her story in the 5-minute video, “My husband Orestes Martinez: Died at an unsafe workplace.”  The video, in English with Spanish subtitles, includes several written questions to encourage discussion at safety trainings, staff meetings or other events.  It’s available on YouTube at:

Another 5-minute video, “My son Dirk Remington: Died at an unsafe workplace,” features Dale Remington, whose 46 year-old son was killed while repairing a radio/cell tower in upstate New York.  Viewers who are parents may connect particularly with Remington who reminisces about his son as a rambunctious youngster to an adult who found a job he loved, despite the hazards of working at heights.  It’s on YouTube at:  and also includes Spanish subtitles and discussion questions.