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Wage Theft Victory in El Paso!

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Last week there was an important victory for our partners in El Paso, the Labor Justice Committee of Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project. In 2011, WDP and the Build a Better Texas Campaign worked to pass the Texas Wage Theft Act, which creates criminal penalties for employers who refuse to pay their workers.  This act made it possible for El Paso to win their first arrest and indictment against an employer for criminal theft of service. In Austin, WDP has successfully used criminal theft of service against employers in the past, but the state law has allowed this effective policy to be implemented across the state.  Congratulations to the Labor Justice Committee for their hard work implementing this important protection for workers! A special thanks to Senator Jose Rodriguez and Representative Eddie Rodriguez for working diligently to pass this law last session!!

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Keep up all the awesome work winning protections for Texas Workers! Adelante Adelante, La lucha es constante!